• Tyre Schwalbe Marathon E-Plus HS498 - 28x1.75"47-622bl-RTSk Perf.SDG AdxE E-50A kép csak illusztráció

Tyre Schwalbe Marathon E-Plus HS498 - 28x1.75"47-622bl-RTSk Perf.SDG AdxE E-50

Címkék: 1402876211 14028762 Schwalbe 4055149414481

28x1.75"47-622bl-RTSk Perf.SDG AdxE E-50

  • Gyártó: Schwalbe
  • Cikkszám: BP-0000050339
  • Készletinfó: Átmenetileg nem rendelhető
  • Várható beérkezési dátum: 2024. 07. 26.
  • 18 720 Ft

  • 22 460 Ft
  • Fogyasztói ár áfa nélkül: 14 740 Ft

SCHWALBE Marathon E-Plus HS 498
Flat-less especially for eBikes. Maximum safety at high speeds and
on long tours. Highest Marathon quality, further developed for the
special demands set on an eBike tyre.
Safety: Schwalbe puncture protection level 7. The patent SmartGuard
layer is additionally reinforced by two layers of RaceGuard fabric.
This Smart-DualGuard protects even better against sharp objects.
Control: The ADDIX-E compound especially developed for eUse
stands for excellent grip also with high speeds and maximum 
Riding pleasure: Marathon E-Plus rolls surprisingly easy thanks to
the use of high-tech material. The Anti-Aging sidewall considerably
longer withstands the typical overloads caused by insufficient air
pressure before cracking. The new carcass construction reinforces
side walls by one additional fabric layer and thus stabilises the tyre
for even more load capacity.
Design: The tread design of E-Plus is modern and dynamic. With
deeper tread, very versatile for Tour and Trekking use.
eBike: Of course, the new Marathon E-Plus is ECE-R75 certified and
ready to be used with Pedelecs up to 25km/h, as well as S-Pedelecs.
The available sizes are consistently coordinated with the demands of
most modern eBikes.          

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